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Create a Lolpop

Have you made a video already?

Stand against a wall

find a friend to take your video

Take hats + glasses off. Stay very, very still

don't move your head

Fill the screen with your face

don't move your head

Capture the whole head. Side to side + up and down.

move the camera, not your head

(Take your time. 30 seconds is just about right.)


  • 1. Open your camera app.
  • 2. Capture your video (and remember your training)
  • 3. Come back here to upload your video

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We will email you when your 3D scan is ready.

This magic can take 10-20 mins. Feel free to make a cuppa tea, twiddle your thumbs but look out for your email confirmation

We are calculating pie...
YUM!! Pie calculated
Great jaw line you got there.
You have beatiful eyes too
You look real tasty.
We just constructed your left ear.
What conditioner do you use?
Your hair is so silky.
Cross referencing....
Are you on the most wanted list?
Do you have unpaid traffic fines?
Reticulating splines

Uploading Video

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